Patient Reviews

  • Have been a client for over 5 years and have always had great service and advice along with professional treatment. Dr Isakow puts a great deal of care into his work, so much so, that I choose to drive from Collingwood to his location in Toronto for checkups and any follow up work needed.


  • I started as a patient with Dr. Isakow after a negative experience with another dentist in the local area. He professionally and cheerfully addressed the problem, restoring my not only my teeth, but my faith in dentists . . . Thank you!


  • My case was extremely challenging. I was in my early 70's and had a condition whereby I had to have all my molars replaced with implants and my upper teeth capped. What made it more difficult was that I had already had posts put in by another dentist who botched the job and so Dan had to redo most of the work. To make a long story short, thanks to Dan, I now have a beautiful smile. Not only is he brilliant at what he does, he also has a wonderful “chairside manner”

    by Barbara H.

  • I brought my son to Dr. Isakow because he was highly recommended by our family dentist. My son needed a temporary denture pending his jaw growing so that he can get an implant. Dr. Isakow was kind and very thorough and cheerful. I appreciated his friendly manner. We got to see his skill level when he fitted the denture to my son’s mouth. It looked perfect, and it seemed like it felt almost perfect, but then Dr. Isakow performed a number of micro adjustments, at a very fine level of skill that made it truly perfect. So glad I went to him.

    by Tomaso Google Places

  • Dr. Isakow is an excellent dentist. I usually have a lot of problems with my teeth but since I started going to Dr. Isakow most of my problems have been resolved. I originally went to him because of a tooth that hurt even thought I had gone to 3 different dentists and they had all re-filled it saying it was fixed, but the only dentist that actually filled it properly so it wouldn't hurt was Dr. Isakow. That was 2 years ago and I am now a regular patient and the tooth is still going strong. No pain.

  • Dr. Dan, takes the time to explain any complicated dental situation and to discuss alternative resolutions in order for the patient to have the benefit of the most effective treatment. A real professional.

    by M.S.

  • The best dentist EVER! Continuous service improvement over the years in an already exceptional patient focused environment. If you are not satisfied with the care you receive at Dr. Isakow's office then you will be impossible to satisfy anywhere.

    by Anonymous

  • I have been a patient of this practice for almost 10 years. Every visit is a pleasure (not always heard about visits to the dentist!). Staff are friendly, welcoming and professional, and I never wait more than a few minutes for my appointment. Dr. Isakow always ensures I am informed of the treatment and procedures he is recommending and is clear about options for my consideration. I have had some significant and complex work completed by Dr. Isakow and my comfort was always a priority. I am a totally satisfied client who would never consider going elsewhere for dental care.

    by Anonymous

  • Dr. Isakow is always so thorough and ensuring that my dental hygiene is top notch! I've never had a medical professional take such good care of me like him! I worry about the day that he decides to retire...

  • My daughter's first dental appointment today was excellent. The thoughtful "chair ride" visit, including children's books in the waiting room and a loot bag, makes for a truly fun experience. Thank you Dr. Isakow, Sandra, and the wonderful team at Framework Dental for being so patient and friendly.


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